Thursday 18 January 2018

Sit-down SF activist hit by minister's car

Michael Brennan, Colin Bartley and Paul Melia

A PROTESTER opposing the IMF bail-out was taken to hospital with a foot injury last night after being struck by a ministerial car leaving Government Buildings.

Mick Farrell (18), from Dublin city centre, was protesting on Merrion Street in Dublin and was struck after refusing to move out of the way.

A member of Ogra Sinn Fein, he was taken by ambulance to St James's Hospital shortly before 10pm.

An eyewitness said Mr Farrell was among a number of protesters who lay down in front of the gates and refused to move to allow ministerial cars pass.

"They laid themselves down in front of a car," she said. "People went to pull him back but they didn't get him back in time.

"He was on the ground wrapped in a Sinn Fein flag. Obviously the car wasn't going to roll over him. As he was being pulled away he was struggling to get back."

A spokesman for Ogra Sinn Fein, Colm OMordha, said: "he (Mr Farrell) was in pain. I rang the ambulance."

The identity of the minister in the car is not known.

Gardai said there was a sit-down protest taking place outside the gates with four people lying on the ground.

They were asked to move away but refused, three were dragged clear but Mr Farrell was not moved in time.

Up to 30 members of Sinn Fein were protesting, including 12 from Ogra Sinn Fein.

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