Friday 23 March 2018

Sister-in-law tells how Gerry tried to save her marriage

HAPPIER TIMES: Gerry Ryan never discussed with anybody the reasons behind his split from his wife Morah, says Jan
HAPPIER TIMES: Gerry Ryan never discussed with anybody the reasons behind his split from his wife Morah, says Jan

NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter

GERRY Ryan's sister-in-law Janice O'Brien has revealed how the DJ tried to save her marriage.

Gerry tried to persuade his brother Michael and his wife Jan to stay together. But a year later his own 26-year marriage came to an end -- leaving his world in tatters.

As his sister-in-law's battle over the ownership of a property reached the High Court this week, she told of the star's efforts to save her marriage.

And she also revealed his agony over his own marriage split from childhood sweetheart Morah, as she recalled the day he confided to her: "I feel so lonely."

Speaking about her split from RTE producer Michael Ryan in 2007 she said: "It was very difficult for Gerry and he did try to intervene on several occasions, in the early days, to try and get us back together.

"God love him at the time. He used to come round to the house and give us counselling sessions over cups of tea.

"There was one occasion when he was around trying to get us back together again -- it does actually make me smile when I think of it now -- but in the end he jumped up and said: 'I actually have more problems than you guys, I'm out of here.' It was typical Gerry," she said.

"He went through it himself only a year later and the longest conversation I had with him about it was when I met him at a function at the Four Seasons Hotel. When I asked him how he was, he told me he was desperately lonely.

"That was in April of 2008 and he had split with Morah in March. He was broken-hearted. I don't think that that's the way Gerry saw his life ending up. I always felt that he would grow old surrounded by his children and Morah.

"They were such a fun couple," Jan added. "They connected very well. They were a great unit and a great family. There was always a great atmosphere in their house.

"When I met him, he told me he was desperately lonely and that he was tired. I felt very sad for him.

"We just chatted about the way life had gone. There was a time that we didn't speak because of the break-up, and Michael, but he was always the first person to welcome you back into the family."

But Gerry never discussed why he and Morah split -- with anybody.

"I think that was out of respect for the number of years they had together and how they were," she said.

"The saddest part was that he died alone -- for someone constantly surrounded by people. He was never alone. There was always somebody in the house. Whether it was kids or friends or anybody."

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