Sunday 20 October 2019

SIPTU gives bonuses but slates state perks

Allison Bray

HUNDREDS of SIPTU workers got Christmas bonuses last week despite the union's vocal condemnation of such pay perks for semi-state chiefs.

About 300 SIPTU employees were reportedly paid bonuses last week totalling €250,000.

However, a union spokesman last night denied media reports that the workers received an average bonus of €1,000 in their December pay packet.

"Those figures are wildly off the mark," he told the Irish Independent last night.

However, he was unable to say how much employees had been given on top of their normal salaries.

The spokesman did confirm that workers with more than five years' service were entitled to the incremental payments -- a policy that dates back 30 years.

The bonuses are in lieu of overtime, which SIPTU does not pay.

The union has been highly critical of the bonuses paid to semi-state bosses, including Declan Collier, CEO of the Dublin Airport Authority.


A union official blasted Mr Collier's €100,000 bonus last year as "disgraceful" after it emerged he had a remuneration package that exceeded €612,500 a year.

However, the SIPTU spokesman said its staff bonuses were a fraction of those earned by top public servants.

"It's not comparable to that kind of thing."

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