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Sinn Fein's intelligence questioned at United Left Alliance conference

SINN Fein was mercilessly savaged at the weekend by the United Left Alliance for being willing to go into coalition, cutting services in the North and "not having much intelligence".

The ranks of the ULA continued to grow and the grouping of five left-wing TDs, including Joe Higgins, Clare Daly and Richard Boyd Barrett, brought in more members.

Up to 200 members turned up at its second national conference. Mr Higgins said the turnout was positive and it was important for the development of the genuine left-wing parties. But the efforts to unify the left certainly didn't include Sinn Fein, with Gerry Adams's party described as a "capitalist party".

There were also plenty of attacks on Fine Gael, the Labour Party, Fianna Fail and even the Green Party. The coalition had "cruelly betrayed" the hopes of voters in the 2011 general election, Mr Boyd-Barrett said.

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