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Saturday 25 November 2017

Sinkholes formed throughout country after stormy weather

A huge hole at Tramore, Co.Waterford where the road was eroded away by the sea on Sunday. Photo; Mary Browne
A huge hole at Tramore, Co.Waterford where the road was eroded away by the sea on Sunday. Photo; Mary Browne
The giant pothole was created by lashing waves on Tramore's seafront. Photo: Tina Schley

Joanna Kiernan and Ralph Riegel

Sinkholes have emerged in both Ballybunion, Co Kerry and Tramore, Co Waterford today, after the stormy weather of the last 24 hours.

Locals in Ballybunion have been left shocked following a massive sea surge on the road leading to Long Beach, just hours after a similar hole was formed in Waterford.

Local actor and surfing enthusiast, Richard Wall, took photos of the hole in question and even got into it, just to see how big it was.

"There was a small hole at the bottom you could get in through so it wasn't as risky as it looked," Richard said. "Didn't stay there any longer than I needed though."

Local Councillor Robert Beasley told "We experienced very rough seas and tremendous surges due to the poor weather conditions and as a result of one of these surges the wall protecting the road along Long Beach was undermined, leaving a gaping hole in the road,"

Mr. Beasley said that the road, which provides access to Long Beach, is particularly important to the local community as it provides much needed access for the emergency and rescue services.

"Only last week the rescue boat went out there to save a woman, who had got into difficulties and a couple of days before that the emergency services went out to retrieve a body from the water," Councillor Beasley added.

The Councillor is now calling on the government to provide funding for the much needed repair work for the town, as well as the other coastal communities in the west, which have been battered by the floods.

Meanwhile, Strand Road in Tramore was closed today after part of the road collapsed.

The massive hole was caused when waves breached the sea wall.

The council have been attempting to repair the damage, however a five meter swell has made it impossible to repair even during low tide.

Temporary measures have been put in place by the council until they can make a full repair.

It is feared that should conditions get worse as the storm makes land fall it could lead to the hole getting bigger, or even bringing down the sea wall entirely.

A number of apartments are nearby and residents are worried of the affect any further erosion could have on the safety of their homes.

Local independent councillor and former mayor of Tramore Joe Conway said locals are worried by the situation.

“It’s a very worrying problem, with each high tide there is a danger the sea defences could collapse", he told

“The council are working flat out to solve the problem, however they’re being battered from all sides with the gales and the five meter swell”.


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