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Friday 18 October 2019

Singer pays ?2m for plush home beside murder scene

Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

SINEAD O'Connor has shelled out almost ?2m for a plush home located beside the scene of a grisly Halloween murder.

The mutilated body of a teenage girl was found in a laneway at the back of the Co Wicklow house in 1991.

It is understood the singer had been unaware of the macabre drama when she signed up for the property which overlooks the sea at Bray.

The mother-of-four has said she always loved the seaside town, which is home to American surgeon Frank Bonadio, the father of her baby boy - Yeshua - who was born at Christmas.

However, the six-bedroom Victorian house, which was bought through a third party last week, is also located near the home of her love rival, fellow singer Mary Coughlan.

The singers were engaged in a bitter slagging match over Sinead's relationship with Mary's estranged husband, in which Sinead blamed the blues singer for her falling-out out with Dr Bonadio in February.

But Sinead, who recently turned 40, is believed to have purchased the luxury home after reuniting with the American surgeon.

Even before the controversial singer snapped up the house, known as Montebello, it was known locally that the property was near the scene of the horrific killing of 18-year-old Gillian Bishop.

Gillian's battered body was found in a laneway at the back of the house on Halloween night. She had been strangled and had a pound coin stuffed down her throat.

Earlier that night, she had agreed to take her young sister to her first disco in the local Bray Head Hotel. Her killer, Michael McLaughlin, was given a life sentence for murder.

The house, which was withdrawn at auction for ?1.65m, has six bedrooms and a sunroom overlooking a mature Victorian garden with a fishpond.

The new home of the singer also contains a games room for her children and a gym.

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