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Singalong to Mattie's election CD . . .

'Rise and Follow Mattie':

"Rise and follow Mattie all the way, Mattie is the hero of the day;

"Rise and follow Mattie, he'll keep the people happy, rise and follow Mattie all the way;

"2011 is the year we have a plan, around the town and country in our van;

"You can meet him in any place and any town, or young and old, he's sure to be around;

"He's loved by one and all, he's a good man for the Dail;

"Ooh, ah, Mattie McGrath, say ooh, ah, Mattie McGrath."

'Working till Morning':

"We have a TD called Mattie McGrath, he's been in the Dail fada an la;

"Working as he promised, fixing all things he saw, with the van he set out every morning;

"And seldom he rested by day or by night, so much to do, so much to put right;

"While others would plot, scheme and soon would take flight, Mattie was working until morning;

"He stood in the Dail, took a lash of the whip, said he wouldn't bend, he said let's get a grip;

"Let ye lash if ye will, but cut out that free trip, it's time to stop bashing and yawning;

"And junctions and functions, he takes them in twos, bypasses, classes, markets and loos."

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