Wednesday 22 November 2017

Sinead makes plea to Bob Dylan: Let me sing with you reporters

Sinead O’Connor has made a plea to Bob Dylan to let her perform with him in Dublin next month. The singer, who has pulled out of a scheduled appearance on the Late Late Show this Friday, has written an open letter to the star asking can she sing ‘Licence to Kill’ with him and Mark Knopfler when they perform in the O2.

The controversial singer jokes that she will wear “a miniscule army camouflage teeny-kenny” and tells Dylan that she is “quite a good singer, Even if I do say so myself.”

The mum-of-four also asks on her blog if Dylan, whose real name is Robert Zimmerman, could introduce her to “any unattached Zimmerman men from 44 years old on.”

She adds that she has been asked to pose for Playboy. “Hugh Heffernan (sic) has offered me a million dollars to do the cover of playboy. Every girl's dream.. This is because I am monumentally gorgeous.”

O’Connor, who recently launched an appeal for a new man, but specified no one who was unemployed or called Brian or Nigel need apply; also makes a play for Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler in her letter to Dylan: “Mark's pretty delicious too.. But not as much as u obviously. But if u don't fancy a quick one would u ever ask ol' Mark what he reckons? In the dark I think he could pretend I'm gorgeous... If I put a few bags on my head...”

Earlier this week she pulled out of a scheduled appearance on the Late Late show this Friday night and launched an attack on it.

She said she had withdrawn after discussions with the production team: “I was asked a number of questions which I found rude, patronizing, insulting and disrespectful and which wounded me enormously and showed me it would not be a safe environment in which to place my precious self,” she wrote on her website.

Late Late Show blog from Sinead O’Connor’s website:

This friday I was supposed to appear on ireland's Late Late show. Sadly I have had to pull out as, during the course of the conversation with the(male) researcher I was asked a number of questions which I found rude, patronising, insulting and disrespectful and which wounded me enormously and showed me it would not be either a safe or respectful environment in which to place my precious self. I value myself too much to allow myself to be so disrespected, patronised, and treated like a 'crazy' person.

I'm sure the show will claim they weren't disrespectful, rude, insulting and patronising, and will do the usual 'oh she's a crazy woman imagining slights which weren't there. They were there and I can honestly say that I have now as a result of that conversation an enormous physical pain in my heart. It is sickening to have it suggested by anyone that I am 'insane' for talking openly about sex. The researcher said to me that since I suffer from depression do I not think its insane behaviour to be talking publicly about sex.

While it may be called rude, inappropriate, naughty, silly, adolescent etc to talk rudely about sex, it is outrageous to call it 'insane'. THAT is insane.

It is extremely chauvinist and patronising to ask me, a woman of 44, what does my brother, the author Joseph O'Connor think of my 'behaviour'.

I will never as long as I live, consider appearing on the late late show again. And I might add that no apology or act of respect has been issued by either the presenter of the show, nor any one in a leading position on the show. I am tired of all this 'sinead is crazy' crap. Its a disgrace. It has caused me enormous pain in my life as an artist and has many times led me to consider ending my life. Thankfully I have four beautiful reasons not to. Those are my precious children. But no woman should have to walk around feeling like someone has driven a tree through her heart.

I can honestly say that is how I felt since my conversation with the Late Late researcher.

If anyone connected with the Late Late show had even the remotest thought that my having fun and talking about sex was a symptom of a mental illness then it would have been very exploitative of them to have me on the show as some crazy performing monkey.

We are still the same old squinting windows Ireland, the type which had women like me in industrial schools. When u start to feel good about ur self, sure enough someone will come and stomp all over your heart with their steel-toed docs, and tell u u deserved it. We are a country which should be spelled without the letter 'O'.

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