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Simon says, suits you, sir – and your suit will suit lots of others

AN AWARD-winning collaboration between a high-class Dublin clothing retailer and the Simon Community received a major boost last week.

Dublin Simon Community will benefit from an innovative "suit scrappage scheme" being embraced by clothing retailers Frewen & Aylward (F&A).

Customers can donate formal wear in exchange for discounts on new clothing, with the used suits being donated to the charity for the homeless.

F&A, the well-known menswear retailer in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, celebrated 50 years in business last week.

Martin O'Byrne, owner of F&A, hosted an evening for customers, friends and VIPs. The evening included a collection for the Dublin Simon Community, with three Simon members in attendance.

Last month the retailer received the Envircon award for the suit scrappage scheme, with over 100 suits being donated to the Dublin Simon Community.

F&A will accept donations of any winter clothes, including coats and jumpers, which they will pass on to Simon, and customers will receive a substantial discount.

The Simon Community will have a pop-up shop in Powerscourt Townhouse in Dublin on December 14, manned by F&A consultant Alan Kelly, and a Simon House of Light Show will run from December 14 to 16 in the centre.

Martin O'Byrne said: "The Simon Community gets some nice suits, which perhaps can help their clients. We get happy customers and they get a discount on their suits – everyone's a winner."

The suits are used by the Simon Community to assist those using their services, with the remainder being sold in its charity retail outlets.

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