Tuesday 20 February 2018

Significant drop in number of inmates held under protection for their own safety

Tom Brady, Security Editor

The number of prisoners being held in a restricted regime in jail for their own safety has dropped significantly since last autumn.

New statistics show that a total of 201 inmates are currently under protection.

This represents a drop of 12pc since October when 229 were in the regime with 183 there at their own request.

The latest figures also disclosed that those being held in a restricted regime for a variety of reasons has fallen from by 33pc, from 339 to 263, since July.

A huge drop in the numbers locked up for 22 and 23 hours a day has also revealed, down from 135 to 50 since October.

The decreases result from a review of the regimes by a high level group set up in July to look at measures aimed at ensuring that all prisoners receive a minimum three hours a day out of cell time to allow them engage in exercise or activity.

Prisoners can be placed in protection because of threats from other criminals, either because of rows within jails or their membership of rival gangs on the outside.

Special groups such as sex offenders are also separated from the general population as they are likely to be attacked by other inmates.

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