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Sick widower who lost home went through 'two years of hell'

A MAN who faces losing his home following legal proceedings said he had "been in hell for the last two years".

At the High Court yesterday, the father of one explained that he had buried his wife and undergone open heart surgery and had been unable to make his repayments.

His was one of six possession orders granted against those who had fallen into arrears on properties.

The Waterford chef, whose daughter is now just 13, was present in court to hear Mr Justice Sean Ryan grant the order to Stepstone Mortgage Funding Ltd.

"Basically I have been in hell for the last two years," he said after the proceedings.

"When I first got my mortgage, my wife was very sick and I was trying to get her and my child settled before she passed away. My daughter was eight at the time."

His wife died four years ago and a subsequent collapse of his business and ill health had hampered his ability to meet his financial obligations. He is currently in receipt of a widower's pension, he said.

"I had open-heart surgery in October just gone, and a valve replacement. I have just got the okay to go back to work.

"Things happen that you can't foresee. If I could have avoided it (court), I would have."

He said that, in order to qualify for the social housing list, he could not make himself homeless by selling his property -- he required a repossession order from the court to resolve his situation.

He was just under €70,000 in arrears on a mortgage of €351,000 he received in July 2007.

There were five other possession orders granted relating to properties in Co Monaghan; Co Wexford; Co Galway; Co Cavan; and one in Dublin -- in which the original mortgage was just €50,000. The total mortgage values on all six amounted to nearly €1.7m.

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