Sunday 21 January 2018

'Sick' attackers shoot family cat at close range with Airsoft rifle in Cork

Vet had 'never seen such a horrific attack on an animal'

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Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

A pet owner has branded a group of people who shot her cat at close range with an Airsoft rifle as 'sick'.

Olive Vaughan's cat Oreo was brutally shot in the shoulders twice just metres from her house.

A neighbour discovered the seriously injured feline as it struggled to make its way home after the incident.

Speaking to Cork's 96fm Opinion Line, Olive, from Douglas, Cork said the vet had "never seen such a horrific attack".

"The vet said he had never seen such a horrific attack because it was at such a close range," she said.

"The shots were into the shoulder, and not alone once, but twice.

"The vet said with these Airsoft rifles, you actually have to reload the gun between each shot".

Olive described the brutal act as '"torture".

"It wasn't a shooting to kill her, if it was they would have done it through her head," she said.

"The vet said the velocity of the bullets going into her body was as if someone had been standing over her.

"A neighbour found Oreo and alerted us- she was on her tummy in terrible pain, trying to crawl along the gateways.

"She was quite close to getting home at that point.

"I didn't realise at all what had happened, I thought she had been hit by a car.

"It wasn't until the surgeon showed me the X-ray I realised she had been shot."

Oreo the cat has since had surgery and is on numerous types of medication as she attempts to recover.

"She must have been in agony," Olive told the Opinion Line.

"She was sedated for a few days before they could do the operation.

"She was in the vets for a week and she came home at the weekend.

"Yesterday she started to put the two paws underneath her.

"She's on a lot of pain medication, the pain release is constant, and she's on antibiotics," she continued.

"She's been very sick around the place."

Olive warned pet owners in the area to be vigilant about leaving their animals out alone.

"It's sick, it is absolutely sick," she said of the attack.

Gardai have been notified of the incident.

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