Saturday 21 September 2019

'Show some decency' - Irish woman blasts commuters complaining about 'Carmaggedon'

An Irish woman has taken to Facebook to blast those who were complaining about the traffic this morning.

The traffic this morning was caused by a serious crash on the m50 which resulted in a woman being hospitalised and portions of the M50 being closed to cars. This caused backlog all around the city, which drivers were quick to complain about on social media.

Lisa Marie Maher, an Irish woman who lost her father four months ago to a crash during rush hour traffic, lamented the "pathetic dribble" posted online by inconvenienced commuters.

She wrote that while she is "rarely confrontational", she had to speak out after seeing a number of posts from people "p*ssing and moaning about the traffic and how late they will be".

She explained that her father lost his life four months ago on a busy main road into the city during rush hour traffic at 6.30pm. "The whole area was closed for 12 hours and I saw posts on Facebook people ranting and raving about the traffic, that it was a disgrace and guards were causing chaos closing the road".

She wrote that what was a relatively minor inconvenience for commuters changed her life forever.

"While people's "lives were affected" my life and my families life was being torn from the seams".

"A few hours later everyone got to where they were going and forgot that anything ever happened. Well I didn't, and never will and neither will the people who witnessed what happened to (my Dad) innocently crossing the road".

She asked people to be more considerate of the woman's family when posting on social media. "Her family could be on your fiends list and see your pathetic dribble about the traffic chaos. Be smart and think of others before yourself. I speak from first hand experience. Show some decency!"

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