Monday 22 July 2019

Shop's shock tactics fail to halt revellers in mid-flow

Gordon Deegan

AN UNSUSPECTING reveller literally got the shock of his life when he urinated against the window of a traditional music shop at the weekend.

He was the first victim of a controversial 'electric shock' treatment devised by the owner of Custy's near O'Connell Street in Ennis, Co Clare, for people using his shop front as a toilet.

CCTV footage showed the reveller being thrown back after he attempted to relieve himself on the shop front off the busy shopping street.

But unrepentant shop owner John O'Connor said the victim had received his just deserts after his new electric fence went 'live' over the bank holiday weekend.

"He did the discourtesy of urinating on the front door and everywhere, but had the courtesy to look at the camera to give a full description of who he is."

But he admitted the shock didn't appear to harm or even deter the man, who "continued on urinating down the lane".

The culprit could end up with a court appearance.

But if gardai fail to track him down, Mr O'Connor said he plans to put a "quality image of the man out on the main street and let the public decide who it is".

His zero-tolerance policy towards what he calls "al fresco urinating" was sparked by years of having to clean up urine, vomit and faeces at his shop front every Monday morning from late-night revellers using the area as a toilet.


A sign states: "Electric Current in Operation -- Urinate at Your Own Peril" to warn revellers of the consequences.

"It has been a great success," Mr O'Connor insisted.

"Things have improved dramatically and there was no mess to clean up on Tuesday morning after the bank holiday weekend," he added.

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