Sunday 25 February 2018

Shop staff told to cover up tattoos

Mark O'Regan

Mark O'Regan

STAFF at a leading music and film retailer are now banned from showing "extensive body art", wearing flip-flops and shorts, having long hair unless it's tied up, and exposing tattoos, under a new dress code.

HMV's updated "appearance policy" comes into effect tomorrow and allows only "discreet" tattoos and piercings on show while long hair is not allowed unless it's tied up as it raises "health and safety" concerns. Open-toed shoes are also out, while male staff must wear blue denim jeans with female workers in denim skirts.

The music, games and DVD group -- which operates 15 stores in the Republic -- says it is trying to strike a balance between "our work colleagues expressing their own individuality while at the same time meeting the expectations of customers".

"There's no problem with discreet tattoos and piercings but where people have got more extensive body art that is covering a limb then as part of the uniform policy they'll have to cover them up," a spokesperson told the Irish Independent.

"Our work colleagues are already great ambassadors for the company, so this is just about adopting a more consistent approach, which we believe our customers will appreciate."

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