Monday 16 December 2019

Shocking photos of ponies show what ISPCA inspectors discovered yesterday

Photo: ISPCA
Photo: ISPCA
Photo: ISPCA

These shocking photos of ponies show what an ISPCA inspector discovered in Co Cork yesterday.

These ponies were found with extremely overgrown hooves in the Dunmanway region of County Cork by ISPCA Inspector Lisa O ‘Donovan when she responded to a call.

When she arrived, Ms Donovan found two mares in a field, both with very long hooves.

The grey mare’s hooves were so long they were curling up towards her legs.

Lisa said while the mare was still mobile, she was clearly in great discomfort when she moved.

“This is a horrendous form of cruelty. There are months and months of growth on these hooves and these poor ponies have endured a lot of suffering. There is no excusing the condition of these animals,” she said.

“This will be a very slow process, and the hooves will need continuous farrier work over a period of time. It is not possible to trim them back in one session as this could cause serious damage to the ponies’ tendons.”

The inspector said the ISPCA is “hopeful that they will make a full recovery in time.”

Both ponies were seized under the Animal Health and Welfare Act and removed to ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow, Co. Cork, where they were given immediate treatment to make them more comfortable.

Neither of the ponies were microchipped, so an owner has yet to be identified. The investigation is on-going.

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