Wednesday 21 August 2019

Shocking new figures reveal staggering rise in sexual offences

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Adam Cullen

Shocking new figures have revealed a staggering increase in the number of recorded sexual offences in Ireland over the last four years.

While murder and other violent crimes have seen a decrease, sexual offences such as rape have rocketed by some 35pc with only half of all offences being solved.

Despite the alarming jump, officials have urged caution in interpreting the rise - up from 1,480 in 2009 to 2,010 in 2013.

It's believed the hike may be linked to an increase in the number of historic and cold case files now being re-examined.

However, the worrying data shows a clear rate of decline in the number of violent cases including rape and sexual assault, being resolved through the courts.

In 2009, gardai said they managed to resolve just under six in every ten sex crime cases. This has raised to slightly over half of all sexual offences being detected by 2013.

However, it is feared that the actual figure could be much lower, as the Central Statistics Office (CSO) revealed earlier this year it disagreed with official Garda detection figures.

According to the latest crime figures, released by the CSO today, just a fifth of burglaries were resolved in 2013, the latest year with full figures.

Less than half of robberies, a third of thefts and less than two-thirds of attempted murders and assaults were detected.

The CSO has warned that these statistics should be interpreted carefully.

The number of robbery, extortion and hijacking offences has increased, by 13pc.

Weapons and explosives charges, drugs, and damage to property all dropped by nearly a third.

Organised crime, attempted murder, assault and kidnapping all also fell significantly. Murder rates dropped by 6pc while homicide detection rates currently stand at some 84pc.  

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