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Shocking footage shows near misses for city cyclists

Shocking footage shows hundreds of near misses involving Dublin cyclists and commuters every day.

Over the course of a week we witnessed chaotic scenes on the capital’s streets. Our footage shows lucky escapes for cyclists, taxi drivers parking illegally in cycle lanes, and pedestrians distracted by their phones.

Our investigation found that Tara Street, O’Connell Bridge, Custom House, Leeson Street and the Quays were particularly dangerous areas for cyclists.

The footage shows several near misses when motorists turning left cut off and nearly collided with cyclists.  Another incident shows a taxi driver illegally mounting a kerb and blocking a cycle lane, forcing cyclists into flowing traffic.

A cautious cyclist can be seen using a whistle to alert drivers in one case, while in another a woman distracted by her phone walks in front of moving cars.

It comes as 600 on-the-spot fines were issued to cyclists in the second half of 2015 for offences including breaking red lights and having no lights after dark.

Dublin Cycling Campaign, a voluntary lobby group, said the scenes were not surprising.

“Essentially, we are looking at commuters in all modes trying to get to their destinations as quickly as possible,” said spokesman Colm Ryder.

“We need to move away from this crazy mish-mash of traffic breaking the rules willy-nilly.” He called for the speed limit in the city to be reduced to 30km.

In 2014, 13 cyclists were killed on our roads and there were a further nine cycling fatalities in 2015. There have been three so far this year – including the death of father-of-six Bernard Tully after a collision in the Phoenix Park.

Cycling Ireland, the country’s governing body for cycling, wants authorities to collect data which shows where cyclists are involved in collisions to help reduce the number of fatalities.