Thursday 23 November 2017

Shocked neighbours speak in hushed tones of callous killers

Garda officers cordon off the scene of the double killings in Pearse House, off Pearse Street, in Dublin, last night
Garda officers cordon off the scene of the double killings in Pearse House, off Pearse Street, in Dublin, last night
An officer stands outside the victim's flat
Allison Bray

Allison Bray

They stood in the chilly night air and spoke in hushed whispers. Shock and disbelief and mostly disgust that such a thing could happen.

Neighbours in the Pearse House flats complex in Dublin's inner city last night gazed out over the courtyard from their balconies as flashing blue lights and a garda cordon blocked off the entrance to Paddy Mooney's ground floor flat.

It is understood a gunman and an accomplice knocked on the door of Mr Mooney's flat at Number 4, Pearse Gardens, shortly before 7pm last night, fired a number of shots and calmly walked away.


Mr Mooney was hit and so was Brendan Molyneaux. Both men were 50 and were friends.

Mr Mooney's friend, Stewart Hunter (60), said he couldn't believe that anyone would target a man in such a callous style.

"This is disgusting," he said of the shooting. "This is happening too much."

Small groups of residents stood huddled together as they smoked cigarettes and chatted in hushed tones about what appears to be the latest gangland shooting.

A neighbour, who lives just a few doors down from Mr Mooney's flat in the G-wing of the block, said he couldn't believe he was looking at a crime scene when he came home from the shops at around 7pm last night.

"I went out to get some milk and saw all the people looking out over the balconies. At first I thought it was a bit strange that everyone seemed to have gone out at the same time for a cigarette and then I saw the white garda tape," he told the Irish Independent last night.

He was at a loss as to why anyone would target Mr Mooney, a disabled 50-year-old man, who was left paralysed on one side following an accident several years ago. It's understood that the second victim was his close friend, Brendan Molyneaux, also aged 50, who is understood to have been visiting Mr Mooney at the time of the shooting.

"He was a quiet man," the neighbour said of Mr Mooney.

"He didn't seem to be any kind of a target," he said.

Mr Mooney kept to himself and lived a quiet life. There was never any dodgy people coming and going from his flat, he said.

Mr Mooney's sister lives directly across the courtyard from his flat but was too distraught to speak about the shooting last night, as were other members of his family.

But another resident of the flats complex, Glen Kiernan (16), said he had spoken with Mr Mooney on Saturday.

"He was a sound guy," he said.

No one living in the complex heard any gunshots or commotion until gardai arrived at the scene, he said.

"We all believe it was done with a silencer," he said.

Neighbours reported seeing two men leaving the scene wearing balaclavas, he said.

Soon a cordon was put up around Mr Mooney's flat as a heavy presence of both uniformed gardai and plainclothes detectives arrived at the scene and began questioning neighbours.

A garda forensics team scoured the surrounding gardens with a torch.

All the people who were coming and going from the complex were asked for their names and addresses by gardai before they were allowed to enter or leave the building.

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