Sunday 17 December 2017

Shocked locals tell of 'quiet' couple who kept to themselves

Mark O'Regan and Cormac McQuinn

UP until about eight months ago, they carried out the regular humdrum tasks of suburban life under the pretence of normality.

Patricia and Oliver Kierans gave little away to reveal the turmoil simmering behind the door of Number 31 Drumbannon estate.

Early morning swims together in the local pool and doing odds and sods in their garden were activities which took up much of their time.

But shocked locals in the town said that while they were a "quiet and friendly" couple, things seemed to have drastically changed in recent months.

'Pats', as she was known to her friends, had shown no inkling in public that she was in fear of her life.

"I used to meet them swimming in the morning – but they've not been seen in the pool for some weeks," said local resident John Adams.


"When you met them together on the street they were just your ordinary couple. Oliver had a taxi business around 10 years ago and he was sound out.

"He'd be in the Square Bar early in the morning and be behind the bar and pull drinks for you.

"He'd also get the kegs ready and put them out. He worked in the pub and comes from a well-respected family.

"Pats used to work as a cleaner washing the floors in the pub and the two of them would be up there early getting it ready for the day ahead."

Oliver Kierans was a native of Bailieborough.

His father, Joseph, ran a successful garage in the town and Oliver showed an aptitude for mechanics from a young age.

However, in recent years his fortunes had declined and he was trying to eke out a living doing odd jobs in the local Square Bar.

It is felt the departure of the couple's fourth child to Australia the day before the killing may have been a tipping point in the relationship.

One Cavan town local who knew Patricia said her sister, Mairead, used to lease a restaurant there called the New County. He said: "Mairead was a hard worker. Day and night she was in there, a mighty worker.

"Patricia used to help her out," he added.

Mairead currently works as a psychic and tarot card reader and was not commenting last night.

Speaking of Patricia Kierans, one tearful neighbour said: "We used to go down to the town for bingo together. She was the nicest person, the best you'd ever meet. Her family was her first priority."

Matthew Farrelly, who lives two doors down from the couple's house, where Patricia's body was found, told the Irish Independent that Patricia particularly enjoyed spending "quality time" with her grandchildren.

"I saw Oliver maybe five or six weeks ago and he was cutting the lawn in the front of the house. He seemed in grand form and he was very pleasant," he said.

"He comes across as a nice kind of guy. When you met him on the street he was lighthearted and would crack jokes.

"However, she had left him some time ago. I live only two doors down from them and I never heard any shouting or anything to suggest something was wrong.

"It's an extremely quiet area; nothing like this has ever happened before. We don't have many violent incidents round here, it's the type of place where you can leave your front door open.

"Some years ago, when the downturn came, Patricia started looking after two of her grandkids.

"You'd see her in the front garden playing with them, and toys were often left on the grass. When she was still with him they were always quiet and kept to themselves."

Irish Independent

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