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#ShineYourLight - what is it, when is it taking place and what is it for?


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What is Shine Your Light?

Shine Your Light is an RTÉ initiative asking householders nationwide to place a light in their windows.

The light is to symbolise hope and solidarity with anyone those who have died from coronavirus, their loved ones, people who are sick with Covid-19, emergency workers who are working to tackle the pandemic, as well as those who are feeling isolated.

When is it taking place?

John Creedon will start RTÉ's coverage on Radio One at 8.30pm.

The Shine your Light public initiative kicks off at 9pm and to coincide with this RTÉ one will televise performances from artists including Sinead O’Connor, Paula Meehan and Colm Mac Con Iomaire.

Anything else we should know?

The National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management (NDFEM) is urging the public to be particularly mindful of fire safety in the home.

"The NDFEM is supportive of this initiative and the sentiment behind it but stresses the importance that is not marred by the often devastating effects of household fires," the organisation warned.

"Householders should avoid hazards such as candles and high-temperature lamps near flammable items (e.g. curtains, furnishings). Instead battery operated candles, LED lights, torches, mobile phone lights and similar should be used. If a candle is used, a non-combustible candle holder must be utilised and they should never be left unattended," it advised.

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