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'She never had tea without a biscuit'

TRAGIC Michaela Harte once revealed how she would never drink a cup of tea without having a biscuit to eat with it.

The young bride, a teetotaller, was murdered in her hotel bedroom, after returning to get a biscuit to accompany her after-lunch cup of tea .

Yesterday, footballing legend, Martin McHugh recalled a car journey from Dublin with his wife, Patrice and Michaela, some years ago, during which they stopped for a tea break.

"She said she could never drink a cup of tea without having her Rich Tea biscuit. She had the biscuits in her bag," he said. "She was a lovely person. The one thing that always struck me, she always called Mickey 'daddy', never Mickey,"

The tragic murder victim was also being recalled fondly in the Donegal Gaeltacht where she attended several Irish colleges through her teen years.

Micheal O Mairtin, director of Coláiste Mhuire in Loch An Iúir, recalled Michaela as a young student in the late 1990s

"I remember a pleasant wee girl who was given to recitation of poetry and singing. She was cooperative and easy to get on with."

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