Wednesday 13 December 2017

‘She just wants to be a little ballerina’- Mum’s plea to help fund life-changing surgery so her daughter (6) can walk

Layla (6) wants to be a ballerina
Layla (6) wants to be a ballerina
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Little Layla Mackey (6) has always dreamed of being a ballerina and is preparing for a life-changing surgery that will help her walk.

Layla's mum Danielle Mackey from Coolock, Co Dublin is desperately trying to raise funds for an SDR surgery (Spinal Dorsal Rhizotomy ) in Leeds for Layla, who has cerebral palsy.

Layla (6) and her twin Leah were born at 30 weeks and Layla was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18-months-old.

"She's such a happy, bubbly little girl but she has to use a wheelchair or a walker and it really gets to her," Layla's mum Danielle told

"Her twin sister Leah can run around and it's upsetting for Layla to watch. She really wants to be a ballerina. It's her dream."

The family are hoping to raise thousands of euro to help with the aftercare of the surgery in Leeds on November 3.

Twins Layla and Leah from Coolock, Co.Dublin
Twins Layla and Leah from Coolock, Co.Dublin

"The surgery itself is free, but Layla will require a lot of aftercare and therapy. We're doing everything we can to raise some money to help with the costs," said Danielle.

"We'll spend three weeks in Leeds and then fly home for immediate orthopedic surgery in Temple Street to help correct some of the damage the cerebral palsy has caused.

"Aftercare is in incredibly important for the operation to be a success this involves intense physiotherapy, massage and personal training daily for at least two years, most of which is unfunded and a huge expense."

Danielle said that while Leah is very young, she knows she has an upcoming surgery and is "terrified".

"I'm trying to explain it to her the best I can but she's scared. She says she doesn't want surgery but she trusts me and her doctors."

This will be Layla's first surgery after undergoing five rounds of botox and therapy.

"Nothing else seems to be working. I just want my beautiful little girl to be able to walk independently," said Danielle.

You can donate to the family here.

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