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'She is looking for her babies' - Heartbreaking plea to find missing puppies after mother was found with slash wound and microchip removed


A heartbroken dog owner has made a desperate plea for help in finding seven puppies after they were stolen from her home last week.

Patricia Doyle told of how her springer dogs, Daisy and her puppies, were lifted overnight from her house in Co Wexford last Tuesday.

After reporting the theft to gardai and appealing for help on social media, Daisy was recovered by the DSPCA in Rathfarnham on Friday with a slash in her neck and her microchip removed.

“She was dumped on the street to starve, but the worst thing was, they had actually taken a knife to her neck and removed her microchip and left her there,” Patricia told RTÉ’s Liveline.

Once Daisy's injuries were treated by a vet in Dublin, the family were allowed bring her home to Wexford, where she received further care.

Although the Doyle's are happy to have found her, Patricia said Daisy is traumatised and missing her puppies.

"We have her home now but she is looking for her babies. It's heartbreaking. We can't leave her out of our sight for a second. We can't leave the room."

Patricia said the pups were all due to be re-homed with different families this week.

"We're not breeders, we're just dog lovers. We just have dogs, we love them. We've always kept dogs but because Daisy is such a special dog we just wanted to continue her line," she said.

"She had four little girls and three little boys. So, we had Forest, Mabel, Maggie, Betty, Bonnie, Coba and Sam. As a matter of fact, the day that we realised they were gone our postman arrived with their little name badges.

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"We had ordered them and we were giving all the children their little collar and a little gift when they were leaving because they were was due to leave today, when they were eight weeks old."

She said the intruders broke open a padlock that was used to secure the pups in the dog run.

"We never heard anything. The next morning at breakfast time, my daughter went out to bring them in, and they were gone. There was a lock that was broken, a padlock. They had brought some sort of a tool and they broke that."

Patricia said it is not yet known how the thieves knew about her dogs, but she has heard of drones being used to look into gardens.

"People have come to us and said that they're using drones, they're spying on and people's gardens with drones They may have been tipped off from people local, they may be local, I don't know.

"We have no idea what happened those puppies and it's absolutely devastating. The only reason that we actually got Daisy back was we had bombarded Facebook and and all people all over Ireland joined in, people were outraged."

She is pleading for anyone who has bought a springer puppy or has seen them advertised online to come forward.

"If anybody out there has bought one in the last few days, I just beg them to do the right thing, if they have any idea or any inkling that it may be one of Daisy's puppies to please do the right thing," she said.

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