Sunday 22 April 2018

She can't get that tune out of her head in all kinds of places

Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

SINGING dolls, citizenship controversies, family rows and plenty of hugs and kisses -- it really was all kinds of everything for Dana on the campaign trail yesterday.

The former Eurovision singer must really feel haunted by 'that song', but she stands by her record -- if you'll excuse the pun -- that she's been representing the people of Ireland for 41 years and will be judged on that.

Fresh from her interview on Radio Kerry where she was grilled on the citizenship issue, the Independent candidate was met by Carmel McIlroy who waited outside the studio to tell Dana in person that she was the only reason she was going to vote in the election.

And for her efforts she was rewarded with a hug and kiss by the former Eurovision winner.

"I'm really counting on your number one," she told her, grasping her hand and looking her straight in the eye.

On Tralee's Rock Street, she was greeted by five-year-old Gianna Fitzgibbon from Ballymacelligott and her singing doll that performed, yes you've guessed it, 'All Kinds of Everything'.

Gianna's auntie, who's originally from Derry, bought the doll in Italy and brought it back to her niece, Dana was told.

"Dana came to her auntie's class in Derry and sang that song," Gianna's mum explained.

A little further up the street she was serenaded by Christy McCarthy from The Mitchells, singing that song again.

"I've loved her since I was a young fella," Christy declared.

And Dana discovered that it's no easy task to get from one end of the street to the next.

There are so many hands to be grasped, hugs to be given and eyes to be looked into earnestly, to appeal: "I'm counting on your number one."

Again, strains from that song could be heard from an upstairs window on The Mall, followed by an encouraging roar of "go on Dana girl".

And on The Mall she met the safest pair of hands -- attached to former Kerry goalkeeper, Charlie Nelligan in his bakery.

"Don't serve anybody unless they're giving me a number one," she joked before signing a Kerry jersey that's going to be raffled in a fundraiser for an injured football player and posing with the Kerry legend.

Although Dana fielded media questions all morning about her dual citizenship and claims made by her sister three years ago that she had kept this a secret from the Irish people in 1997 during her last presidential bid, she had no doubt as to where their loyalties lay.

"I rely on the people who know me for the 41 years I've been representing them, they will uphold my integrity and my truthfulness," she said.

And getting into the car to be whisked off to Limerick, she rewarded this loyalty with the firm promise that she would return. No doubt for another helping of all kinds of everything.

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