Thursday 22 February 2018

Shatter's steamy novel 'flying out door' after reprint

Ellen Fairclough, 18, from Laytown, Co. Meath has a look at a copy of Laura Photo: Damien Eagers
Ellen Fairclough, 18, from Laytown, Co. Meath has a look at a copy of Laura Photo: Damien Eagers
Laura Butler

Laura Butler

Alan Shatter (inset) claims shops are calling for extra copies after his steamy novel returned to bookshelves for a second print run.

Publisher Poolbeg doubled its initial print run from 5,000 to 10,000 copies for 'Laura', which hit bookshelves around the country this week. Poolbeg's Paula Campbell told the Irish Independent that due to the widespread reaction to the Justice Minister's novel, a number of bookstores have re-ordered the book.

She confirmed that there will be yet another reprint of 'Laura' and that exact numbers will be decided upon next week, when the first sales numbers of the current print run become available.

"It largely arrived on shelves around the country on Wednesday and bestseller lists are recorded from Saturday to Saturday. So I doubt it will reach the list after only having a few days on the market, but there's been massive interest in it, so I wouldn't be all that surprised if it reached it next week," Ms Campbell said.

A member of staff at Eason on Dublin's O'Connell Street said the retailer was "very happy" with sales so far, while a spokeswoman for Dubray Books said the book was "flying out the door."

"It has sold in the high dozens since it came in and we're expecting a lot more sales this weekend," said Susan Walsh, Dubray marketing manager.

'Laura' tells the story of an affair between a TD and his secretary, and the politician's subsequent private campaign for his mistress to have an abortion. When it was released in 1989 it made the bestsellers list, selling in the region of 20,000 copies.

Original copies of Mr Shatter's novel are scarce, with copies changing hands for hundreds of euro online.

Speaking on RTE Radio 1 yesterday, Mr Shatter said that he encountered similar stories to that in his literary offering while practising family law.

He added that many of the issues discussed are still highly relevant today, sparking the public's interest.

"The character is campaigning against abortion on one side, but urging his secretary to have one on the other.

"It is a work of fiction, it is not based on any living individual ... I know many people found it a very emotional story and I did find it interesting that when I revised it and re-read the book, that so many of the issues it addresses are still current."

'Laura' is available in all major bookstores and as an e-book online.

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