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Sharing our pipe dreams with new app

'THE GUARD' star Brendan Gleeson may be one of our country's most recognisable faces, but he joined fellow actor Sean McGinley yesterday to promote one of Ireland's most recognisable sounds – the uilleann pipes.

Gleeson and McGinley, both traditional musicians, were on hand to help launch Na Piobairi Uilleann's (NPU) Sharing the Sound of Ireland, a comprehensive new strategy to direct Ireland's leading traditional music organisation for the next five years. Featuring a new website, two new traditional music apps and a complete rebranding, Sharing the Sound of Ireland is a practical blueprint for NPU, the Society of Uilleann Pipers based in Dublin's Henrietta St, to bring the iconic sound of the Irish pipes to music lovers worldwide.

One of the apps, entitled MovingCloud offers significant musical content with over 3,000 video clips featuring 300 of our leading traditional artists.

For more information, see www.pipers.ie.

Irish Independent