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Shades of Wisteria Lane in affluent and quiet estate

There are shades of Wisteria Lane in the TV show 'Desperate Housewives' in the well-spaced out and beautifully maintained homes that make up the Lis na Dara estate in Dundalk.

The houses complement each other in varying shades of red and beige brick, the gardens are tidy and the grass on the public green areas is freshly cut; all that is missing is the white picket fence.

The estate is home to nurses, teachers and gardai. It is a short walk from the train station and garda station and certainly not the place to find a gun attack.

"We are all shocked, it is just terrible, it is normally so quiet here," said one of the many locals who didn't want their names used or pictures taken.

Most of the driveways have two cars. There is the feeling that people living there have done well and are working their way through the recession while maintaining a decent lifestyle.

The road in the Cluain Ard area of the estate has mainly semi-detached houses. It is close to the entrance to the estate and beside an acupuncture clinic, a medical centre and a creche.

Among the Audi and VW Passat cars parked there yesterday morning was garda crime-scene tape sealing the road.

In the middle of the road were small fluorescent triangles marking where shotgun cartridges were found and there were shards of shattered glass.

"What happened? Was someone hurt?" enquired one woman who was visibly shocked when told there had been a shooting.

"This place is so quiet, there is no traffic here even on a Saturday night," said another.

Little was known about the young woman who appears to have been at the centre of the incident; she only recently moved there.

Just before 4am yesterday she found herself needing urgent medical attention after a man turned a gun on the taxi that was taking her home.

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