Monday 22 January 2018

Ségolène and François - fusional once again!

Julie Gayet, French president François Hollande's current squeeze, might want to watch her back. Word has it that Ségolène Royal, none other than the French minister for Ecology, Hollande's ex-partner of over 30 years, and mother of his four children, is closer than ever to the president. So much so, French newspaper Nouvel Obs writes that "The Clintons are at the Elysée" and calls Royal "the vice-president."

Ouch. Gayet must have known what she was getting herself in for. Valérie Trierweiler, his ex-"first girlfriend", was overtly jealous of Royal, even going so far as to tweet support for a rival politician that Royal was running against, only months after Hollande was elected. But that was when Royal was in the political wilderness. Now, with Hollande as president, and Royal as minister, they're bound to spend time together. Yet they seem to be going above and beyond duty.

They travel together frequently on official government trips, from the Philippines to the West Indies, and their closeness "radiates from the screen". Magazine VSD writes: "together, as one, they direct France". Royal is "the Queen beside the President" writes the Figaro.

What does Trierweiler have to say about it? Not surprisingly, she wholeheartedly agrees. "They are inseparable. Their children don't understand it. Both of them share a huge hunger for politics. Power is their reason to live, their common obsession... Now, [in government] they can get together, help one another and use to their profit the power that they both have."

It seems like they make a close team, in politics at least. As for Julie Gayet, she's maintaining her usual strict silence on the subject of her love life. "I love football" she recently said to Paris Match in an interview. François does too. Maybe that's all that matters.

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