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Tuesday 24 October 2017

SF vows to hold Coalition to account over job promises

SINN Fein last night said it will hold the Government to account on promises of jobs, stability and investment it made during the referendum campaign, writes Fiach Kelly.

And the party immediately rounded on Labour for backing the fiscal treaty, saying it was on the wrong side of the argument and would suffer as a result.

Some in Sinn Fein couldn't hide their feelings that the campaign had been good for the party, raising its profile and enabling it to make further in-roads into the Labour vote -- Sinn Fein's main aim.

"We want to see those who have taken the roughest edge of austerity and cutbacks protected," said Mary-Lou McDonald, one of the party's strongest performers.

"Without a doubt, the Labour Party was on the wrong side of the debate, as viewed by its own base.

"I think Eamon Gilmore and others try to dance around that fact, but it is a fact nonetheless."

UCD academic James McBride noted on RTE yesterday that the Yes vote was 6pc down on the national average in constituencies where Sinn Fein had a TD.

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