Sunday 15 December 2019

SF president had key role in IRA, says colleague

Gerry Adams played a key role in the IRA, according to Brendan Hughes. In the interviews in his book, he provides a chronology of Mr Adams's IRA career:


  • Soon after the Troubles started in the autumn of 1969, Gerry Adams becomes leader of his local IRA group in Ballymurphy in Belfast. He organises the Ballymurphy riots, defying Billy McKee, then the IRA Belfast commander.


  • Mr Adams becomes part of Belfast Brigade staff.


  • Mr Adams is interned but then released to take part in ceasefire talks with the British.
  • He becomes adjutant of the Belfast Brigade.
  • He becomes Belfast Brigade commander.
  • He forms IRA 'Unknowns' cell, responsible for the murder and removal of alleged informers -- the so-called "disappeared" -- including Jean McConville.


  • London bombings are carried out by the Belfast Brigade of which Adams is commander. Both he and Mr Hughes are interned -- Mr Hughes escapes from Long Kesh and becomes Belfast commander.


  • Mr Adams is released from jail and eventually reappointed Belfast Brigade commander.
  • He becomes Adjutant General of the IRA, joins the IRA army council and becomes IRA Chief of Staff.


  • Martin McGuinness becomes Chief of Staff when Mr Adams is arrested. He is later released and becomes Adjutant General, second-in-command to Mr McGuinness.

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