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Set dancing could reduce worst effects of Parkinson's

SET dancing could help alleviate some of the worst effects of Parkinson's disease, writes Paul Melia.

An Italian researcher has found that regular dancing can help improve mobility and balance, reduce the number of falls and enhance quality of life.

The work was conducted by Dr Daniele Volpe, medical director at the St John of God Hospital Parkinson's Centre in Venice, who took 16 Italian patients to the Parkinson's Association of Ireland's patients' conference over the weekend.

The patients who undertook the research programme in Venice gave testimony to the findings by performing a set-dance to loud applause for the 800 audience members.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny yesterday told Parkinson's sufferers that "there is still hope" after diagnosis.

He was addressing the opening gathering of the 16th international congress on Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, which runs this week at the National Convention Centre, Dublin.

Mr Kenny said he was proud that Irish researchers are among those leading the way in the race to find a break- through in this degenerative disease.

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