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Senior gardai to be disciplined over quashed penalty points

SEVERAL senior gardai will be hit with disciplinary action over the findings of the penalty points report, Independent.ie has learned.

But the report into the quashing of penalty points dismisses the suggestion that motorists who had penalty points written off were subsequently involved in fatal car crashes.

Disciplinary procedures are under way for a small number of gardai because proper procedures were not followed in the quashing of penalty points.

When there is a cancellation of penalty points, it is supposed to follow a formal written application from the motorist.

But this did not happen in some cases as there is no record of an application attached to the file.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter will publish the report on the writing off of penalty points this afternoon.

But the names of people who had penalty points written off will be deleted.

The report was compiled by Assistant Garda Commissioner John O'Mahony on the orders of Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan.

The Commissioner will also issue a statement on the affair.

A Government spokesman said: "The names are being redacted."

Mr Shatter briefed his colleagues on the content of the report at the Cabinet meeting yesterday and ministers are aware the names will not be made public.

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