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Senior gardaí self-isolate as colleague tests positive


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More than 30 gardaí including senior management and a Chief Superintendent from a Garda division are self-isolating after their colleague tested positive for the coronavirus.

The mid-ranking officer is believed to have contracted the virus while abroad before returning to work.

He later attended a Covid-19 meeting with senior colleagues before he was diagnosed.

That meeting was attended by officers from across a number of stations including the highest-ranking garda in the division.

Sources said that, as a result, at least five Inspectors and a Chief Superintendent as well as 26 gardaí and sergeants were self-isolating as part of precautionary measures.

It's understood there has been no direct impact on day-to-day policing in the area, which is located in the Eastern Region.

A notice was sent out to officers in the division following the confirmation of a coronavirus case, advising anyone who had been in contact with the garda to self-isolate.

Garda management across the country have been holding crisis meetings in recent weeks to implement a response to the outbreak.

Last week more than 300 student gardaí, some only in training a number of weeks, were attested at the Garda Training College in Templemore.

A further 124 personnel from the Garda Training College, including tutors and instructors, have been redeployed across the four regions for operational duties or essential training services.

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