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Wednesday 13 November 2019

Self-help author to launch '29,000 Days'


The best-selling author of Run Fat Bitch Run is to launch 29,000 Days, the new book by the former journalist- turned-psychologist Jason O'Callaghan.

In the foreword, Ruth Field describes Mr O'Callaghan as "a man of ferocious energy and zeal" and a living example of the life he preaches.

Mr O'Callaghan has worked out a formula that, on average, people die after 29,000 days and has written his book, Get The Life You Deserve -- 29,000 Days -- What Will You Do With Yours?'

"It really brings home the fact that we don't have very long on this Earth and yet we are wasting days, months, years even, being stuck in jobs we hate or in bodies we loathe or in relationships that are making us unhappy," writes Ms Field, whose own self-help book has been an international best-seller.

The author will be in Dublin on Wednesday to launch Mr O'Callaghan's new book.

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