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Sunday 25 August 2019

Self-funded organisation set up to expose 'predators'

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Leeds group 'Predator Exposure' describes itself as "paedophile hunters of West Yorkshire".

The group has conducted a number of sting operations in the Yorkshire area of the UK to catch predators intent on meeting up with children under the age of consent.

It further describes itself as a "self-funded organisation which will continue to catch online predators".

Its Facebook page has more than 100,000 followers, and its videos have been shared to a number of other pages, including community crime page 'Leeds Alert'.

It also had more than 4,000 shares on the page.

The group's 40-minute-long video with RTÉ producer Kieran Creaven has already got 259,000 views from its page alone.


It also posts some of its work on Twitter and Snapchat accounts.

More than a dozen members of the group were involved in the latest sting attempt, in Leeds on Saturday night.

Following the operation, the group posted a photo online of some of those who had been involved.

Earlier this month, the group exposed a man who had expected to meet two teenage girls in Liverpool.

The organisation is one of a number of groups that are based in the UK and that were set up to catch predators who look to groom young children via the internet.

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