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Security review for seized illegal fuel

NEW measures to secure loads of laundered fuel stored in military barracks are being drawn up by the Revenue Commissioners and the Defence Forces.

It follows the theft of a tanker containing 20,000 litres of illegal fuel from Aiken Barracks in Dundalk, Co Louth.

Gardai are trying to establish if dissident republicans were involved in the incident, in which the tanker was used to smash through the front gate of the barracks at around 2am on Sunday.

The Revenue was last night still examining what steps had been taken to secure the tanker, while the military police were investigating how the raiders were able to gain access to the barracks.

The tanker had been seized by customs officers in a raid on a commercial yard at Longfield, near Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, last week.

Footage from CCTV cameras at the barracks has been handed over to gardai in a bid to determine if the raiders climbed over the perimeter fence or slipped into the barracks before the gates were locked.

Irish Independent