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Secrets of our sea bed brought to the surface

THE sea has given up its secrets – from a wreck believed to be part of the Spanish Armada to the famous Lusitania.

One of the largest surveys of the seabed around our coast has uncovered hundreds of shipwrecks.

The tales of the wrecks and images of their new homes at the bottom of the ocean have been captured in a book, 'Warships, U Boats and Liners – A Guide to Shipwrecks Mapped in Irish Waters'. It was completed as part of the 12-year study, and the precise locations of the 300 shipwrecks discovered around the coast have been mapped. Marine geologist Charise McKeon said some of the wrecks had proved elusive to maritime fans and divers wishing to explore the wrecks until the massive mapping exercise.

The study was done as part of a joint venture between the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Marine Institute.

"We want to raise awareness about the importance of our maritime heritage," Ms McKeon said.

Irish Independent