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Second prisoner escapes from custody after visit to hospital


Tallaght Hospital

Tallaght Hospital

Tallaght Hospital

A young man has fled from custody while at Tallaght Hospital - less than two months after the high-profile escape of violent inmate Derek Brockwell when he was brought to the same facility for medical treatment.

However, unlike the Brockwell case, the 23-year-old Dubliner was in the custody of gardai and not the prison service when he attended the hospital for a surgical procedure.

The bizarre incident took place at 3.20am on Tuesday when the Ronanstown man simply ran out of the facility.

He had earlier been picked up by officers on a bench warrant in the Lucan area.

Despite a detailed search of the area, the suspect was not found and was still on the run last night.

No violence was used during this week's escape and sources say that gardai believe the 23-year-old was acting on his own and no one is suspected of helping him.

The young man is from Coldcut Road, in Roananstown.

The hospital he escaped from was at the centre of an international news story in February after the dramatic escape of savage thug Brockwell.

On the afternoon of his escape, Brockwell produced a knife which had been left for him in a toilet by an accomplice in the diabetic unit of the hospital.

The Scottish national then stabbed prison officers Dan Buckley and Graham Flynn but he was arrested 30 hours later by the PSNI at a pub Belfast.

He is now in custody in England where he is serving a life sentence.


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