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Screams of ‘let me go’ as bailiffs move in

FOUR bailiffs silently surrounded the property. Crowbars in hand, they scaled the side walls into the landscaped back garden as the gardai looked on unable to interfere.

They forced the door open, revealing a petite and frightened woman inside.

Shouts of "let me go" filled the morning air in an affluent Dublin suburb yesterday as a silver-haired pensioner and his 63-year-old wife were brought from their home.

Women burst into tears and young children looked on in disbelief in the exclusive suburb of Killiney.

The bailiffs were acting on foot of a warrant from the Dublin County Sheriff's office, and made their way into the plush, gated community off Church Road with the intent of putting two people out of their home.

The couple, who own a number of properties in Dublin, are understood to owe more than €2m to the former Anglo Irish Bank -- now the Irish Bank Resolution Company (IBRC).

The IBRC was granted a court order for repossession of the home in June 2010. It is one of just five handsome properties tucked away in a quiet enclave at St Matthias Wood, Killiney.

The Irish Independent was ordered off the property moments before the bailiffs forced their way through the front door.

Dressed in tweed and a flat cap, 71-year-old qualified accountant Brendan Kelly desperately tried to calm his wife Asta who had barricaded herself into their impressive five-bedroomed home.

"Anglo Irish Bank has ruined this country. Look what these men are doing -- look what has happened to your country," the 63-year-old German national bellowed from her former front door.


Once she was talked off her doorstep a stand-off ensued between the couple and the bailiffs, as neighbours and friends delivered cups of tea with sugar "for the shock". Others just stood to one side weeping.

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After more than 15 minutes of heated argument, and attempts to order the pair off the property, an ugly scene unfolded.

Three men physically dragged Mr Kelly from outside his front drive while he ordered them to let him go and attempted to free himself from their grasps. Neighbours desperately appealed to the gardai to intervene.

"Anglo Irish Bank, look at what they are, look at what they have done," a tearful Mr Kelly roared.

When the anger finally dissipated, the shaken elderly couple sat alongside one another on the concrete path outside their front gate, refusing to be moved.

The tranquil birdsong and rustle of leafy trees resumed as the pair sat in bewildered silence.

Neighbours rushed with cushions and blankets as the couple were refused re-entry to the property to collect some coats and personal belongings.

Mrs Kelly looked visibly shaken as neighbours handed her biscuits and cakes. The tea was brought out in the best china with brightly coloured tea cosies.

"This has been going on for two years," said Mr Kelly.

"We have tried our best to negotiate with the bank. Even yesterday I was talking to the bank trying to postpone this."

He added: "They pushed their way through a gated community. The management company received no correspondence from them to say they were going to force their way into this estate."

The couple -- who have been married for 40 years and don't have any children -- lived in Germany for 23 years where they ran a successful business.

They sold the business in 2000 to return to Ireland. The couple then got involved in the property business, building a substantial portfolio in Dublin.

Their home in Killiney was worth €3.2m when they purchased it. Their mortgage is more than €2m.

It is currently on the market for more than €2.2m.

The IBRC -- which is the amalgamated Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide -- has repossessed 34 residential properties since the merger in July.

The bank said it only considers repossession after all other avenues have been exhausted.

In a statement the IBRC said: "IBRC can confirm that a repossession order has been served on a residential property in Killiney, Co Dublin. A full legal process has been followed in arriving at this decision, therefore for reasons of client confidentiality the bank cannot comment on the specifics of this case.

"The decision to repossess any residential property is highly regrettable and comes only after all options have been fully exhausted and the mortgage is deemed to be unsustainable."

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