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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Scissor Sisters' mum faces 10 new charges

Kathleen Mulhall, mother of the 'Scissor Sisters', faces 11 charges
in connection with the murder of her boyfriend
Kathleen Mulhall, mother of the 'Scissor Sisters', faces 11 charges in connection with the murder of her boyfriend

Fiach Kelly

THE mother of the notorious 'Scissor Sisters' appeared in court yesterday on 10 new charges in connection with the murder of her Kenyan boyfriend three years ago.

Among the charges brought against Kathleen Mulhall (52) was that she impeded the investigation into Farah Swaleh Noor's murder by cleaning up the alleged murder scene at 17 Richmond Cottages, in Dublin city's Ballybough area, to conceal evidence.

Mr Noor and Mrs Mulhall lived together in the cottage until his brutal killing in March 2005. Kathleen Mulhall's daughters, Charlotte (24) and Linda (31), were convicted, respectively, of the murder and manslaughter of Mr Noor (38).

The pair were dubbed the 'Scissor Sisters' because of the mutilated state in which Mr Noor's body was found in the Royal Canal.

The sisters put Mr Noor's head in a schoolbag and took it by bus to Tallaght, where they buried it. His head was later dug up and has never been found and his penis is also missing.

Their mother, Kathleen Mulhall, appeared before Judge Bridget Reilly at Dublin District Court yesterday.


Ms Mulhall was dressed in a striped brown suit, a brown sweater, and wore a dark peaked cap. After being brought up from the cells, she remained silent throughout the proceedings, which lasted less than five minutes.

The 52-year-old was charged among other offences with two counts of giving false information to gardai about Mr Noor's whereabouts, and withholding information which she "knew or believed" would be of assistance in prosecuting her daughters for Mr Noor's murder.

She was also charged with pretending that she did not know Mr Noor's whereabouts and with impeding the investigation by giving false information on Mr Noor's whereabouts to a number of people .

The charges date from May to September 2005. She was also previously charged with impeding an arrest in the murder investigation "without reasonable excuse".

That charge dates from late March 2005. The total number of charges against Mrs Mulhall stands at 11.

Rory Briscoe, for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), told the court that all charges would proceed to indictment. Judge Reilly granted Mrs Mulhall free legal aid and she is to be remanded in custody until her next appearance before the District Court -- on Tuesday, March 25.

After the hearing, Mrs Mulhall was escorted back down to the cells. She had returned to Ireland in February after gardai made contact with her at an address where she was staying in London.

Charlotte Mulhall lost her appeal against her conviction in the Court of Criminal Appeal last week. She had claimed that comments by trial judge Mr Justice Paul Carney put the jury under pressure to reach a verdict.

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