Monday 16 September 2019

Scissor Sister mum faces Raonaid quiz

Mulhall victim linked to teenager's murder

Shane Phelan Investigative Correspondent

THE mother of the notorious Scissor Sisters, Kathleen Mulhall, is to be quizzed behind bars over claims her slain partner murdered teenager Raonaid Murray.

The revelation came as Mulhall (53) was jailed for five years yesterday for attempting to conceal the death of her Kenyan lover Fareh Swaleh Noor by cleaning up the murder scene.

Mr Noor was knifed, bludgeoned to death and dismembered four years ago by Mulhall's daughters Charlotte and Linda. They are both in jail over the vicious killing.

Mr Noor was a suspect in the murder of 17-year-old Raonaid near her home in Glenageary, south Dublin, almost a decade ago, but was ruled out by the initial investigation team.

However, detectives involved in a cold-case review of the Murray case are now planning to question Mulhall over claims that Mr Noor confessed to her.

Mulhall has already given gardai a statement in which she claimed Mr Noor told her: "I'm going to f**ing kill you, just like I did with Raonaid Murray."

The detectives are currently a third of the way through what is expected to be an 18-month-long review of the case -- one of the most high-profile unsolved murders of recent years.

Charlotte and Linda Mulhall, who killed Mr Noor in a flat in Ballybough, Dublin, before throwing body parts in the Royal Canal, are also facing further questioning behind bars as detectives make a final bid to discover where they left their victim's head.

Detectives are to follow up on reports Linda Mulhall (31) told fellow inmates at the Dochas women's prison in Dublin that she broke up the skull with a hammer before throwing the fragments in bins in the Phoenix Park.

Linda is serving a 15-year sentence for Mr Noor's manslaughter, while Charlotte (25) is serving life for his murder in March 2005.

Both refused to reveal the final resting place of the head during their trial.

A senior garda said: "All three women face further questioning: Kathleen in relation to the Raonaid Murray case and Linda and Charlotte in an effort to finally resolve what happened to the head."

Kathleen Mulhall previously told gardai Mr Noor (38) had said to her on at least two occasions that he had murdered Raonaid. She said Mr Noor told her Raonaid was a friend of an ex-girlfriend and that he had stabbed her in a laneway with a knife. The cold-case detectives are now examining whether the claim was truthful or whether Mr Noor simply said it to frighten Kathleen.

She said Mr Noor was drunk when he initially made the claim. However, he brought it up again during an argument just a week before his murder. "This is the biggest cold case review so far. Every lead has to be re-examined until we can safely rule it in or out. At the moment, the Noor angle has not been ruled out," the senior garda said.


Raonaid was on her way home from Scott's pub in Dun Laoghaire shortly before midnight on Friday, September 3, 1999, when she was attacked and stabbed.

Her body was found by her elder sister Sarah a short time later at Silchester Crescent, in Glenageary, close to her home.

Despite an extensive garda investigation, during which thousands of people were interviewed and numerous public appeals made, no one was ever charged with the murder.

Photofits have been issued of a number of possible suspects described by witnesses, but none resembled Mr Noor.

Despite being physically and emotionally abused by Mr Noor, Kathleen told gardai she turned to prostitution to help him send money home to his family in Kenya.

Mr Noor left a wife, Husna Mohamed Said, and a son and daughter behind when he came to Ireland.

The family has applied to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal for compensation for "pain and suffering" as a result of his death.

If successful, they will receive a minimum payment of €25,000.

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