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Sunday 22 September 2019

'Scissor Sister' Charlotte Mulhall in 'inappropriate sexual relationship' with member of prison staff

Charlotte Mulhall
Charlotte Mulhall

Ken Foy

Notorious 'Scissor Sister' murderer Charlotte Mulhall is under investigation after a prison member of staff was found hiding in the en-suite bathroom of her cell, the Herald has revealed.

The Irish Prison Service has launched a probe into suspicions that the 33-year-old killer is involved in an "inappropriate sexual relationship" with the male staff member after he was found in the en-suite of her accommodation in the Dochas Centre women's prison last Sunday.

Sources revealed last night that the male worker was snared after a colleague became suspicious over a number of weeks.

It is understood that mother-of-one Mulhall was sitting on her bed when prison staff entered her accommodation.

The male staffer was discovered hiding in her bathroom some minutes later.


He has not yet been suspended from work, but a full investigation has been launched by the governor of the Dochas Centre.

Jail sources said he is likely to face "major disciplinary sanctions" up to dismissal if the allegation that he has been in a romantic relationship with Mulhall are proven.

Mulhall is being fully co-operating with the investigation and has not been disciplined or moved out of the Dochas Centre.

The matter is not the subject of a garda investigation.

Charlotte and her older sister Linda were dubbed the Scissor Sisters after their involvement in one of the most gruesome killings in the history of the State.

In October 2006, Charlotte was handed a mandatory life sentence for the murder of Farah Swaleh Noor - whose body was dismembered - while Linda received a sentence of 15 years for her part in Noor's death.

Their mother, Kathleen, was given a five-year sentence for cleaning up the murder scene.

She served her sentence in the Dochas Centre with her daughters and is now living in Britain.

While Linda is due to be released some time in January, Charlotte could face many more years behind bars after she was convicted of Noor's murder.

Charlotte, who was pregnant when she killed the brutal thug, was only 21 at the time.

Linda has also been suspected of having sexual relationships with jail staff while behind bars.

However, Charlotte is considered a far more troublesome inmate and has had many scrapes with jail authorities,

In February 2014, she was disciplined after being caught with alcohol in her cell and fighting with another prisoner.

The fight took place in a corridor a few days after she had the alcohol confiscated from her, which put her in a foul mood.

Mulhall was served with two disciplinary actions against her after a "bad week" of behaviour, which resulted in her losing a lot of her prison privileges.

She was at the centre of a major controversy in 2008 when it emerged that she had been given daily access to kitchen knives, shortly after being jailed for hacking her mother's lover to death.

The Herald's exclusive photo showed the deranged knife killer holding a 10-inch knife to a male prisoner's throat, as it was revealed that she had been given kitchen work duties at the Dochas Centre.

In May 2015, it emerged that she had been locked away from other prisoners after a series of violent incidents.

It was alleged that Mulhall used heated hair tongs to burn another inmate's back in a sick attack.

She had been in 23-hour lockdown away from the rest of the population in the Dochas Centre for more than a month after prison staff became concerned that she had an undue influence over fellow prisoners.

They were also concerned that she was bullying and intimidating other inmates before being isolated from the rest of the prison.


She was also under 24-hour suicide watch, with staff concerned for her safety and mental health.

Mulhall is suspected of involvement in other violent incidents, but it is understood no prisoner has made a complaint against her.

In October 2015, it was reported that Mulhall's previous prison lover, Karen Kelly (25), died in tragic circumstances in Waterford.

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