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Savita Halappanavar inquest “taken its toll” on husband Praveen

THE HEARTBREAKING evidence at the Savita Halappanavar inquest has "taken its toll" on her husband Praveen, who has asked to be excused from today's proceedings.

Mr Halappanavar's solicitor Gerard O'Donnell said the week of evidence had been "difficult" for Praveen who found the whole episode very stressful.

However, he revealed how the widower was relieved that the public were beginning to realise that his version of events surrounding his wife's tragic death was being borne out.

"It's been a stressful week for him and he's just asked to be excused today and we'll explain that to the coroner. It will be very stressful today so he just won't be here today but he'll here again on Wednesday," said Mr O'Donnell.

"While he has been very composed at all times in the court it is very very stressful for him hearing all these details," he added.

Mr O'Donnell said that his client would return to the hearing on Wednesday insisting he was still looking for the truth.

"He found it very very stressful, he found the whole episode very stressful but as he has said his version of events is and will be borne out and i think as you can all see is being borne out

"He's taking the view that he is looking for the truth and I think the public are beginning to realize that this is what actually happened," he added.

Mr Eugene Gleeson, counsel for Mr Halappanavar explained Mr Praveen's absence to the coroner, Dr Ciaran McLaughlin saying his client was "a little bit overwrought".

Dr McLoughlin replied; "I understand totally."

The inquest will today hear from expert witness Dr Susan Knowles a consultant microbiologist at Holles St.

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