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SatNags and leakers drive motorists mad

ANY driver will tell you -- but now it is official: back-seat drivers as the most annoying passengers.

Nearly half the motorists (48pc) pointed the finger at those occupying the rear seats, though front-seat 'fiddlers' came a close second at 42pc.

Fiddlers are described as those who get bored easily on journeys and start twiddling with buttons or air con, as well as switching between radio stations. Next on the hitlist are sleepers (35pc) who nod off nearly as soon as the journey begins, and wake up only when the car comes to a halt.

A huge majority (85pc) of those who took part in the survey, conducted on behalf of Continental Tyres, revealed that they had become so frustrated they had ordered a passenger to leave their car.

It is hardly any wonder then that more than half (55pc) admitted they would be perfectly happy to travel alone "some of the time". By the same token, a quarter said they would avoid getting in a car with certain people. Drunken friends, fathers and partners are all picked out for being the worst to share a car with on a journey.

Other stereotypes uncovered include the:

  • Road Rager -- takes offence at other road uses, swears and makes rude hand gestures.
  • SatNag -- non-stop 'help' on direction.
  • Know It All -- you are always wrong and they are always right.
  • Crooner -- always sings.
  • Airhead -- keeps the window down to "get a bit of fresh air".
  • Leaker -- needs the toilet every 20 minutes.
  • Drone -- can't stop nattering on, about nothing.

Continental Tyres chief Paddy Murphy said that while these instances might bring a smile there was an inherent danger.

"Driving is the time we need to be most alert and an annoying passenger can be an unhelpful distraction.

"The driver should calmly let the passenger know that what they are doing is distracting, and above all, should keep their focus on the road."

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