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Same-sex marriage referendum next year - if it is happening

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has indicated the referendum on gay marriage will be held next year - if the Government goes ahead with it.

The independent thinktank, the Constitutional Convention, recently decided to recommend the holding of a referendum on gay marriage.


Mr Kenny said he expected that recommendation to come formally to the Government before the Summer break.


But, if it decided to proceed with the referendum, it would be next year.


Meanwhile, the referendum on the abolition of the Seanad will probably be held in October - the same month as Budget 2014.


But the Seanad won't be immediately scrapped, if the vote is passed, it will continue in existence until the next general election.


The Taoiseach said the Government will hold a number of votes on the same day.


He said the Cabinet agreed this morning to second vote would be on the setting up of a Court of Civil Appeal, which was aimed at clearing the backlog in that area.


He said the Government may decide to hold another referendum.


Mr Kenny said the coalition proposed to have the referendum in the Autumn "probably in the month of October".


"I can't be too definite on that," he said.


But Mr Kenny said there was a lot of business scheduled for that time of the year, including  the budget.


The Taoiseach said legislation will deal with the removal of all the references to the Seanad from the Constitution.

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