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Saturday 7 December 2019

Salary to top €150,000 for elected position

Fiach Kelly

THE first ever directly elected Dublin mayor is roughly modelled on the London mayor -- and is likely to be paid almost as much.

He or she will not have their own discretionary budget and will only be consulted on the spending plans of local authorities in the capital.

But the managers of Fingal, Dublin City, South Dublin and Dun Laoghaire councils will be legally bound to follow the plans laid down by the mayor in policy areas like transport, planning, waste and housing. If the councils stray away from the mayor's plans, he or she can issue a directive forcing them back into line.

The mayor will chair a new, slimmed-down Dublin Regional Authority (DRA) and a Regional Development Board.

Councillors from the four councils will sit on the DRA. The mayor will propose policies to the DRA, which will then adopt, implement and review the policies.

Sources yesterday said the mayor's salary would be around the €150,000 mark. London mayor Boris Johnson receives a salary of €164,000 a year.

The first election will take place next spring.

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