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Sacked postman whose girlfriend delivered his mail left heartbroken after couple split


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A postman who was sacked for getting his girlfriend to deliver his mail says that “one mistake” cost him everything.

Keith Guiney was fired after a member of the public contacted An Post to ask why a young woman in a baseball cap was delivering the post on March 30, 2011.

Despite getting the sack, the 37-year-old continued to remain on the post office’s payroll for two and a half year – netting an estimated €100,000 – after An Post lost his appeal documents.

Mr Guiney’s ex-girlfriend was found by his An Post team leader on his route with 85 undelivered letters.

The postman was suspended on full pay the following day and sacked in September 2011.

This week, an Employment Appeals Tribunal ruled An Post’s handling of Mr Guiney’s case was “appalling” but that his dismissal was justified.

Now in an interview with the Irish Sun, the former postman said that “one mistake” had cost him everything.

“One mistake cost me everything, everything turned upside down after that. I’ve lost everything because of this,” he said.

“I’ve lost a job that I loved...this is the first time I’ve been unemployed since I left school.

“I lost my partner, the mother of my child. It’s heartbreaking.”

He continued: “I was expecting a slap on the wrist… and instead I was absolutely crucified.

“I lost everything, I lost everything really.”

In its report, the Tribunal records that An Post discovered that Mr Guiney received help to deliver his post on three other days in addition to March 30, 2011.

Explaining his reasons for asking his former partner for help, the 37-year-old from Blanchardstown told the Irish Sun he was “struggling at the time”.

“I asked the missus to give me a hand. I was missing days here and there and I didn’t want to miss any more.

“It was the third day of her helping me and someone on the route reported me.

“I was just around the corner, I said to her ‘do that road and I’ll meet you back here’. They (An Post) thought I’d gone home and given her the mail to do.”

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