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Saturday 16 February 2019

Ryanair passengers 'abandoned' in German airport and told 'to make own way to Poland' after flight diversion

Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

Passengers on a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Wroclaw in Poland were 'told to make their own way home' after the plane was diverted to Berlin in bad weather.

The flight, F1926, departed Dublin at 7.30pm and was due to land in the Polish city at 11.05pm.

However due to bad weather the flight was diverted to Berlin, Germany.

As is standard practise the airline informed customers there would be transport by bus to their final destination - the journey by car can take around three hours but on public transport it can take more than five hours.

However, passengers on the flight have said that despite this promise no transport to bring them on the final part of their journey materialised.

An angry mum, whose children were travelling on the flight, branded the situation "disgraceful".

"My parents, with my kids, were traveling from Dublin to Wroclaw on Ryanair Flight 1926.

"They were told they have to make their own way home," she added.

"I have two small kids traveling on that plane. I don't see the reason why could they not be provided a hotel for the night. They won't be home till approximately 6am in the morning. That's 13 hours of a travel time," she said.

Another passenger also hit out at the airline over the treatment.

"People abandoned at the airport in foreign country in the middle of the night with no information and no transport to original destination,"she said, describing the situation as "unbelievable".

A spokesperson for Ryanair told "This flight from Dublin to Wroclaw (28 June) diverted at short notice to Berlin due to unsafe thunderstorms over Wroclaw.

"It landed late in the evening at 10.30pm. Due to other diversions we were unable to get buses or drivers to do transfers to Wroclaw late that night.

"Customers were advised to provide receipted expenses for their transfers.

"Ryanair sincerely apologises to customers affected by this weather diversion, which was entirely beyond our control.”

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