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Rules on political payments

TDS must declare donations over €634.87, or separate donations from one person exceeding that amount.

The maximum annual donation to a TD from any one person, business or organisation is €2,539.48.

Parties can receive a maximum donation of €6,348.69 from a person, business or organisation.

A party has to declare donations over €5,078.95.

The new rules will:

• Stop parties accepting donations over €200 from all sources, other than from individuals, unless the body has been registered with the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO).

• Reduce limits on donations from €6,348.69 to €2,500 to a party and €2,539.48 to €1,000 to an individual politician.

• Reduce thresholds for declaring donations from €5,078.95 to €1,500 by a party, and from €634.87 to €600 for an individual.

Irish Independent